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Our team of engineers, product developers, and expert builders help build, assemble, program, configure, calibrate, test, and deliver unmanned systems to clients all around the world on a regular basis. We assemble systems that are purchased from us as well as those provided to us for professional assembly and set up, purchased elsewhere. Our clients come from all walks of life with great range of requirements including: 

•  Law enforcement/agency customers purchase already built, assembled, programmed, and tested unmanned systems, with infrared/thermal imaging systems, tactical equipment, inspection or surveillance gear, and other types of payload necessary for successfully accomplishing their missions. We help:

  • Assemble each vehicle and system and fabricate customized payload solutions
• Program operation center ground station radio, PC, route parameters on tablets, etc.
• Calibrate, test, and finish the built, deliver the system in Ready For Operation condition
• Provide on-site training and operation assistance when needed
• Provide pre and post-sale quality of service and support second to none.

Our pro Aerial Photography (AP) customers most often chose fully assembled, set up, and calibrated systems. They don't want to mess around with assembling unmanned systems, or to learn by costly trials and errors. They require RTH and POI functions set on arrival. POI can be set for any terrain and any type unmanned vehcile, where the vehicle (air/ground/sea) will maneuver around a pre-programmed (live or as waypoint via radio or PC) Point Of Interest on its own with only a few simple operator inputes. Anotehr valuable setup is teh calibration an dfine tunning of camera to camera gimbal. The wrong set up make the difference between success and failure when it comes to pro AP work.

Research and science teams around the world purchase our unmanned UAVs, UGVs, and ROV systems to explore and achieve a wide range of specialized missions requiring special scientific payload some never integrated onto unmanned systems before.

We help custom fabricate hardware, tailor custom software solutions, integrate thrid-party payload and gear, test all components to make sure results are satisfactory 100%, deliver the system as expected.

Wind, solar, and hydo energy systems require reliable maintenance and routine inspections. We help customers manage and operate fleets of unmanned inspection vehciles and systems so that our clinets can operate each system delivered with ease while performing tower inspections, site surveys, precision agriculture thermal explorations, and so on.

Supported vehicles and systems:

•  RC hot air balloon, RC Paraglider, RC Hang glider assembly and set up
•  Aerial Imaging System, UAV, and VTOL assembly, set up, programming, and test flight
•  Unmanned Ground Vehcile assembly, set up, programming, and test
•  Remotely Operated Surface and Underwater Vehice set up, programming, and test
•  Special gear, camera, harness, and Multi-axis Gimbal assembly and setup
•  RC Helicopter setup, programming, test flight

Our friendly and knowledgable staff is here to help, please contcat us to get started.

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