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Product Evaluation

  ReallyCoolToys receives sample products for distribution consideration on a regular basis. Each product is evaluated thoroughly and either accepted or rejected based on internal requirements. Once a product is accepted, it is presented at which receives about 2,000,000 (Two Million) accumulated hits per month, while sponsoring media events, allowing it to reach more than 25,000,000(+) households via TV broadcast, press, trade venues, and direct mailers. Additionally, ReallyCoolToys distributes products to over 200 VAR channel extending product reach and value added services world-wide.

Due to great demand product evaluation process has been streamlined where ReallyCoolToys mails back all evaluation products accompanied by summary report including reason(s) for rejecting each applicable product(s). If a product is accepted, the respective manufacturer is promptly contacted to discuss distribution terms and policy.  The following information is provided for inventors and manufacturers interested in having their product(s) evaluated and considered for distribution at


• Waiver of liability: In addition to understanding and agreeing with our general company policy, terms and conditions, each manufacturer must understand and agree that products may be damaged during evaluation and that is not responsible for repair or replacement of failed samples under any circumstance.

• Package: Product samples send to us must include sample specimen, related literature and information as sold commercially. Product specifications, special features, and user manuals are a must in order for us to properly evaluate each sample under intended conditions.

• Sample Product Evaluation Request Form: All sample products send to us by manufacturers and individuals must include a "Sample Product Evaluation Request" form. Packages send, lacking adequate information may be rejected prior to evaluation process all together. Simply download or fill out our on-line "Sample Product Evaluation Request" form (available in PDF format) print it, and include it with your shipment. Prepaid packaging must be also included if sample product return is required.

• Prototypes and Patents: We prefer that sample providers send us only patented sample products and nothing that compromises the integrity and privacy of the product. We are the number one distributor for a number of Really Cool Toys World-Wide. We also manufacture our own line of Really Cool Toys. We can not entertain any novel products or ideas for evaluation unless the product is adequately protected by the inventor or respective manufacturer of the product. Furthermore, we may not be held responsible for such sample provider delinquencies.

• Sample Acceptance and Rejection: About 2% of manufacturer sample products are accepted for distributorship. Sample are rejected for a variety of reasons, such as sample failure during evaluation, lack of adequate manufacturer support, and so on. We do not distribute every sample product that reaches us, we evaluate and accept only those which meet our quality standards.

To get started review our Manufacturer Evaluation Form and contact us. For general company policy, terms, and conditions, please visit Terms & Privacy.

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