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Benefits of Balloon & Blimp Camera Systems


There are many uses for balloon photography, to name a few:
• Real Estate –developments, neighborhoods, estate homes, horse farms, ranches, shopping centers, progress views of construction projects, pre-construction floor views, land tract surveys
• State, county, municipal road and other development projects
• Environmental cleanup projects, archeological sites, photogrammetry projects
• Roofing companies for roof top analysis (thermal) and post-construction photos

Fly from 50 feet to 1000 feet
The most desirable images can be achieved between 50 and 250 feet, with the added benefit of reaching 1000 feet with the aerostat. Passenger aircraft have to remain 1000 feet AGL, and RC aircraft are grounded over populated areas. Your balloon camera system can go where the others can't.

Deploy equipment in strong winds
While our standard tethered balloons can reach high altitudes while remaining relatively stable in mild and moderate winds, the shape of the KingFisher™ gives it stability in withstand even stronger winds. Coupled with the 800 pound tether line, you are tethered to the ground and in control. Add a manual or electric winch to achieve even greater control for launch and recovery.

Operate with only one person
With a variety of ground stations and flight support systems offered here, you capture the picture exactly as it appears on your ground station monitor. RC Blimps, Balloons, and Aerostats are inherently easier to fly and operate than other aerial photography/videography systems, such as remote controlled helicopters, multicopters, and airplanes.

Requires minimal investment to be up and running
For less than $10,000 you could be running an aerial photo business that can rapidly start paying off your initial investment. Depending on your business model and market area, you can enhance your system with winches, trailers, ground stations, and other flight support systems.

Costs less to operate than other methods
Helium Blimps and Balloons as well as hot air Balloon systems are significantly less expensive to operate than leasing airplanes and helicopters for aerial photography. Helicopter pilots don't like to hover but your blimp, balloon, or KingFisher™ aerostat can remain on the job for long duration flights/projects.

Requires minimal field maintenance
No special field maintenance is required other than "unpack, tether, deploy" so to speak. Be it helium or hot air (where propane tanks heat the air inside the envelope to create lift) blimp or balloon, operator simply fills the balloon accordingly, launches the recovers the system on demand where as with RC aircraft there are motors, rotors, fuel, and oil requiring more care.

Get the shot no other method can obtain
Oblique aerial views can be difficult to obtain. The standard choices are satellite views or shots from full scale or more expensive gyro stabilized multirotor or fixed wing aircrafts. The aerostat's position and angle relative to the subject provides a unique perspective that may not be obtained otherwise.

Accommodates various payload weights
A  blimp or balloon system can be scaled to your payload requirements whether you are using a small point-and-shoot or larger DSLR or video camera.

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