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Features of the LTAS 200 system
• Proven design for use in high-intensity theaters of op.
• Sensor options:
   color, thermal, cooled thermal, low-light detectors
• System is ideal for the KingFisher ergastic
• 2-axis stabilized, 3-gimbal mount
• Conventional video network w/ workstation control


LTAS 200 Technical Characteristics
• 1/4” CCD detector array
• 320x240 pixel CCD resolution
• 10x Continuous zoom
• Specialized tethered operation via workstation
• Wind-capable balloon up to 50mph
• 2-Axis (pitch, roll) gyro-stabilized articulating detector platform




LTAS 200 Aerostat System


The LTAS 200 aerostat surveillance system is based on stabilized gimbal technology used on advanced tactical UAVs. The control firmware of the 2-axis stabilized, 3-gimbal systems have been modified for use on the Aerial Products’ KingFisher balloon to provide a stable image to the operator.

All balloon surveillance systems share an important trait,in the event of mishap they don’t crash with the violent energy of conventional UAV. By nature and design, the operation of lighter-than-air balloons is safer and less expensive than other powered alternatives.

The LTAS 200 has the right combination of capabilities, including thermal detectors and ease of deployment. The LTAS 200 uses traditional procedures and technology widely deployed by militaries and governments worldwide. With a gimbal weight of less than 3.5kg, the system is much smaller than blimp style systems with similar range.

The LTAS 200 has a wide range of payload options from daylight only cameras to a cooled thermal detector with continuous optical zoom. Originally designed for tactical military use, the LTAS 200 is a robust, easy to deploy, cost-effective system for a variety of missions. From border and port security to military base protection, and from law enforcement to drug interdiction, the LTAS 200 represents a great alternative to other UAV platforms.


With one of the smallest stabilized thermal detectors available, the LTAS 200 uses a 13 foot Kingfisher which is easy to operate and requires minimal training. The LTAS 200 system comprises of a tethered balloon, filled with helium gas, stabilized mini payload, portable ground control station and datalink between the ground station and the balloon. Hovering 450 ft. above the ground, LTAS 200 provides superior surveillance capabilities accomplished with simple equipment, requiring an operational crew of just two personnel with minimal skills and needing only simple maintenance procedures.

Operational Benefits of the LTAS 200
• Extended mission duration using Lighter-Than-Air balloon platform
• Daylight and Nighttime (low light) operation
• Wide field of view with stabilized optical zoom
• Flexible deployment with available all-weather capability in up to 50mph winds


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See: FAA / COA, UAS Drone Operation / Authorization Guide

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