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RC Boats, ROVS, and Underwater Vehicles

  Sensors Included:

• Heading (degrees)
• Depth (meters)
• Water Temperature (degrees C)
• Pitch (degrees)
• Roll (degrees)
• Camera Angle (degrees)
• Turns Counter
• ROV Hour Counter (hours)
• Battery Level Controller (%)
• Battery Level ROV (%)
• Added ROV Intelligence
• Auto-Heading
• Auto-Depth
• Live OSD (On Screen Display)
• Depth Rating75m (246 ft)
• Operating Temperature 0 C to 40 C (32 F -104 F)



DTG2 Worker ROV - Tethered


The DTG2 Worker Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV) is designed for the ROV operators who need to capture or manipulate objects below the surface as well as have the control of heading and depth with the sensors package. It comes complete with 328 feet (100m) of tether, integrated screen controller, robust tether reel, 2 function grabber, sensor package and carrying case.

The DTG2 Worker allows treasure hunters, search and rescue crews, science and research teams to easily inspect, survey, and retrieve objects underwater. The sensor package allows the ROV pilot to set auto depth and auto heading, as well as to see water temperature, compass heading, remaining battery, ROV pitch and roll, depth, and camera angle status.

The DTG2 ROV is constructed to last. The cast aluminum body encases a 360 degree center window allowing for an unprecedented field of view. The patented vertical pitch system allows for unique and exceptional maneuverability. Well protected 63mm diameter propellers prevent debris from binding the output shaft. High powered rare earth magnetic couplers means there are no dynamic seals on this system, for maximum leak protection.

A 700HD line color camera rotates from the center of the ROV to take advantage of the center window and gives the operator a 270 degree vertical field of view. The camera is tracked by an LED floodlight. This feature allows the operator to look in any direction whether it be straight up at the hull of a boat or straight down at the seabed while driving forward.
The DTG2 is sized for good stability in the water, but small enough to transport by hand to difficult locations. At 18.8 lbs., you may lower it into the water by the tether over the side of the boat or even from a very high vantage point, such as a bridge. The nominal buoyancy of the ROV is set to neutral. It can be adjusted with an included set of stainless steel weights to fine tune the unit according to your preference and water conditions.
Controlling the DTG2 is simple using the lightweight and very portable display controller.  Together, these features make the DTG2 Starter ROV perfect for those needing precision for inspections and the ability to manipulate objects underwater.


DTG2 Starter ROV

• 2 Function Grabber
• Integrated Screen Controller with 328' (100m) Tether
• Sensor Package with Auto Heading and Auto Depth
• Smart chargers
• Buoyancy weight set
• Operator manual
• Robust Carrying Case
• Heavy duty reel with bearings and electrical slip ring for easy tether management
• Integrated Superb Bright Screen Controller
• One Year Manufacturer Warranty

  Does not include (sold separately):
• AV goggles or DVR


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DTG2 Worker ROV
Price: $7999.00

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