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SeaLion-2 ROV


Fishers' ROVs are completely mobile underwater camera systems that are controlled from the surface and capable of staying submerged indefinitely.  These ROVs are ideally suited for a variety of applications including pipeline inspections, river and ocean searches, dam surveys, oil and gas platform work, fish farming, and homeland security operations.  They can dramatically reduce search time, as well as the risk and high cost associated with diving operations. Equipped with the RMD-1 remote metal detector the ROV becomes a high tech search system capable of locating weapons, unexploded ordnance, pipelines, buried treasure, and other metal objects.
The SeaLion-2 is Fishers' top-of the-line ROV. It has four high performance motors that make it faster than the SeaOtter-2.  In addition, even more thrust is available with a Power Boost feature that provides the ROV with an extra burst of speed when heavier currents are encountered.  Other advantages are a 1,000 foot depth rated housing and the ability to operate with cable lengths up to 1,500 feet.  Other features include front and rear facing color cameras with pan and tilt.  Illumination for the front camera is provided by two powerful 100 watt tungsten halogen bulbs. Lighting for the rear camera is provided by a ring of high intensity LEDs. 
System controls for the Sealion-2 are cleanly laid out in a high impact water proof case with an ultra bright 15 inch flat screen monitor built into the lid.  Command of the ROV's thrusters, cameras, and lights are managed with a PS-2 controller.  A wireless controller can also be used to give the operator even greater freedom (sold separately) .  A gentle push on the vertical joystick propels the vehicle down into the depths, and a nudge on the horizontal sends the ROV flying over the ocean floor.  The control panel has jacks and amplifiers which make it adaptable to the requirements of each job.  A video output jack allows an additional remote monitor to be used simultaneously with the internal flat screen monitor.  Other viewers can see the world below without crowding around the control console.  An internal video amplifier adjusts picture quality to optimize the video for water clarity.  Connect a DVD recorder and make a permanent record of the underwater scene.  With the internal audio amplifier voice can also recorded with the video picture.             

Optional add-ons are available for the SeaLion-2 sold separately comprising of:

  Cable lengths up to 1,500 feet, cable management systems, on-screen display for time/date/GPS/compass heading/depth/distance from bottom, 2 color side camera (making a total of 4 cameras), auto depth control, auto distance from bottom, control of ROV from a computer, external DVD recorder, internal DVR recorder, video text overlay, manipulator arm, metal detector, scanning sonar, and spare parts kit (includes extra dome, thruster, light bulbs, etc.).

Key Features of SeaLion-2 ROV:

  Front and rear facing color cameras with pan & tilt, control box with built in 15 inch monitor, user friendly PS controller (wireless controller can also be used), four high power thrusters, power boost switch, 1,000 foot depth rated housing, 250 feet of cable included with the system, two 100 watt lights on front, LED light ring on back, video output jack for remote monitor, video amplifier to adjust picture quality, audio amplifier to record voice with video, the ROV's small size and light weight make it easy for one person to deploy and operate. SeaLion-2 is  backed by Fishers exclusive, unconditional TWO YEAR warranty.  


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SeaLion-2 ROV
Price: $28995.00
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