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DJI IPAD Groundstation
(2.4 GHZ BT Datalink, IPAD Groundstation, Waypoint License)


Teh IPAD Groundstation provides communications between the Ground end and the Air end using the DJI bidirectional data communication modules; the iPAD Ground Station communicates with the Ground end using the BTU module;

Use the 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink Assistant Software to upgrade the firmware of the 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink and the BTU module;

Provides bidirectional communications with large dataflow within the specified distance of the remote control.

iPAD Ground Station Functions:

  1. Friendly interface design;
2. Joystick control on touch screen;
3. Single waypoint function, click desired point and go;
4. Waypoints function, edit a routine and go;
5. Editable Home point & auto Go Home supported;
6. Auto landing function supported;
7. Flight simulator supported;
8. Customized joystick mode supported;
9. Routes save and reload supported;
10.Chinese and English UI supported;
11.Voice guidance function;
12.Uses the Bluetooth 4.0 low-power consumption technology;

Flight control systems supported: 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink: ACE ONE, WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2; iPAD Ground Station: WKM, NAZA-M, NAZA-M V2; Note: All the firmware of the flight control systems should be upgraded to the latest version. The firmware of NAZA-M and NAZA-M V2 should be upgraded to version 4.00.

iPad Ground Station
The iPad ground station software, compatible with DJI flight control systems, is a portable mobile control platform designed for BVR flight.

Supported devices
It currently supports the iOS devices (iOS 6.0.1 or above) with Bluetooth 4.0 (such as: iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini).

Friendly User interface design:
With the user friendly interface design and the real-time flight attitude feedback, it allows customers to access flight status immediately.

Joystick control with touch screen
Customized joystick mode supported : The joystick control mode can be customized, and the default setting is Mode 2.

Single waypoint function, click desired point and go
It supports single waypoint function and click& go on touch screen, a new flight control experience at your fingertips.

Waypoints function, edit a route and go
You can preset and edit flight routes according to real-time flight requirements.

Auxiliary flight control
Editable Home point & automatic Go Home supported
One key takeoff & landing
Flight simulator supported

Utility Function
Accurate flight time monitoring
Three map orientations setting
Voice guidance function
Real-time alarming function
Routes saving and reloading supported
Chinese and English UI supported
Cloud Storage supported


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DJI Groundstation for iPAD
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DJI Groundstation for PC
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See: FAA / COA, UAS Drone Operation / Authorization Guide
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