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  MULTIPLEX models are easy to fly, and the instructions supplied with all our aeroplanes include accurate, reliable information on set-up values. Nevertheless, it can take a while to set up a transmitter to suit a new model, and QuickStart can significantly shorten this.

Experienced pilots have a range of tricks up their sleeves, consisting of carefully optimized settings designed to exploit the model’s capabilities to the full. QuickStart is the means by which you can profit from their expertise. In the Download area of the manufacturer's website you will find the settings for specific models and the Cockpit SX M-LINK, which our team pilots have established as the optimum during the test-flying programme. These data sets eliminate the need to carry out model-specific programming of the COCKPIT SX M-LINK.

Servo directions, control surface travels, mixers (e.g. spoilers as landing aid) and flight phases are pre-programmed for each model. All you have to enter is your personal, non model-specific settings (language, stick mode, On / Off / Launch positions for idle, spoiler, collective pitch, etc.). This can save considerable time, and ensure that you can exploit the full potential of your MULTIPLEX model and the COCKPIT SX M-LINK. QuickStart implements all sensible functions, and is your short-cut to gaining maximum pleasure from your models. Programmed points including Differential settings, Active flight phases, Raised ailerons as landing aid, Timer, flight-time countdown, Dual-Rate for alternative settings, Selectable Combi-Switch (aileron to rudder), Pitch trim compensation for spoiler, flap and throttle.



COCKPIT SX M-LINK "light" 2.4 GHz Black edition, Multiplex RC Radio
M-LINK is a new radio transmission system from MULTIPLEX. It operates on the 2.4 GHz ISM band, and is based on modern Frequency .


Feature and Specifications:

• Seven fully proportional control channels
• Telemetry capability
• Wide-ranging mixer and set-up facilities for fixed-wing models and helicopters
• Two timers plus transmitter operating time
• Generous, clearly arranged screen, carefully designed menu structure
• 3D digi-adjuster for ultra-simple operation
• Fully expanded: all transmitter controls fitted as standard
• Digital trims, flight phase specific
• MULTIPLEX multi-function socket
   (TX battery charge, PC Interface,Data Management, Trainer and sim modes)
• Modern, ergonomically optimized case design
• Low weight (< 800 g incl. battery)
• Long operating time (> 15 hours with standard battery)
• Integral 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission technology
• Low latency, high resolution
• Switchable servo frame rate (14 / 21 ms)
• Expo values variable separately for each flight phase
• Eighteen model memories
• Eight selectable stick modes, four of them with throttle on slider
• Throttle-Check (mandatory OFF position before power-on)
• Switchable flight phases: three phases for fixed-wing, four phases for helicopters
• Transmitter battery monitor
• Trainer mode (selective)
• Switchable language, German / English
• Dual-Rate and Expo
• Three free mixers per model memory Special features for fixed-wing models
• Combi-Switch, optional aileron > rudder or rudder > aileron
• V-tail mixer for models with V-tail
• DELTA mixer for deltas and flying wings
• Comprehensive mixers for model gliders with two-flap and four-flap wings
• Elevator trim compensation mixer for spoilers, flaps, throttle.
• “Transmitter control FIX” function (automated aerobatics, launch offset, etc.)
• Electronic Y-lead Any servo signal (channels 1 - 6) can also be directed to channel 7
• Special features for model helicopters
• Five-point throttle and collective pitch curves - Separately variable for each flight phase
• Static tail rotor compensation (REVO-Mix) - Separately variable for collective pitch+/-
• Swashplate mixer (CCPM) - 3-point 120°, 3- (4)-point 90°
• Virtual swashplate rotation
• Throttle limiter function with direct throttle function
• Gyro gain - Variable separately for each flight phase.


One Transmitter COCKPIT SX M-LINK en 2.4GHz, with Ni-MH battery 6/1800 mAh
One 2.4Ghz HFM4 M-LINK
One 2.4GHz Receiver RX-7-DR M-LINK "light

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