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Specifications: Dimensions: Diameter: 1600 mm (about 6 feet) • Height incl. handle: 1200 mm (about 4 feet 0 inches). Deck height: (without handle) 300 mm (about 1foogt 0 inches) • Control & Performance: Top speed: Asphalt surface 25km/h (15mph) subject to conditions. Incline/ascent: Up to 5. • Maximum obstacle height: 40mm (1-1/2 ins) • Steering: By weight shift • Braking: By weight shift & throttle release • Hand Controls: Throttle, clutch • Safety cut off: Dead man engine idle • Emergency cut off: safety lanyard to engine kill switch • General: Weight of a single unit: 80 kg (176 pounds) Total payload (maximum passenger weight for best performance): 100kg (220 lbs) • Operating time: 1 hour on full tank of fuel • High-impact plastic body with color permanently embedded in the plastic, rubber skirt • Finish color: Available in Red and Black only - for Silver and other custom colors contact us • Starting: Electric key-start, Battery included • Engine: Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke (US made and approved engine with US wide service and maintenance available) • Fuel tank capacity: 5 litter (1.3 US gal) • Fuel type: Unleaded Gasoline. Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes and improvements to this product any time without prior notice.


Airboard Levitating Scooter- Black


Shaped like a tiny futuristic UFO resting on the ground, the AIRBOARD is easy and fun to ride - simply start it up, stand on top of it, squeeze the two simple controls on the handlebar at waist-level, watch the vehicle rise on a trapped cushion of air, and then move forward at up to 15 miles per hour. For an average rider in calm conditions (i.e., no wind ) riding on smooth surfaces, the Airboard speed is limited to approx 25 kms/ hour (15 mph). Where there is a slight wind the Airboard speed upwind will be slower and downwind will be faster.

SPEED FACTOR: Because the Airboard is used on flat ground your speed is limited by the wind resistance that the rider and board present compared to the combined air and friction wheel thrust. In addition, different riding surfaces have different resistance factors (i.e., grass compared to concrete). Stopping the Airboard is easy - just release the levers on the handle bar and it will quickly slide to a halt. From top speed it will usually take just a few meters ( yards ) to stop in a straight line. However skilled riders prefer to stop faster in a sliding turn - just like in snow skiing and snow boarding.

CONTROL METHOD: The Airboard handle bars include two control levers - one for the engine/fan speed and the second for the friction drive clutch. In addition to using these two levers, the Airboard rider uses weight transfer to steer the board to the left or right - just like a skateboard or snowboard. It's easy to learn and simple maneuvers are achieved with just a little practice. By adjusting your balance and changing your weight from one side to the other you can turn from 180 to 360 degrees. It can take you to new heights of extreme fun and you can make it as easy or as difficult to ride as you like.

The exciting and new Airboard uses hovercraft air cushion principles to glide just above the ground. The air cushion is generated from a purpose designed engine and fan which are suspended below the Airboard shell. In addition to providing an air cushion for the Airboard to ride on the fan also provides a fast stream of air exiting from the rear of the craft to provide forward thrust - just like a hovercraft.

To help provide better acceleration the Airboard also includes a unique friction drive wheel at the rear. When the rider wishes to accelerate forward, weight transfer is used to bring the friction drive into contact with the ground. By engaging the friction drive clutch the Airboard can be accelerated forward without losing the feel of hovering above the ground. The control of the Airboard is provided by weight transfer of the rider, similar to surfboards, skate boards and snow boards. In operation, the Airboard can be started, stopped and steered in a controlled manner and this means that riders can perform stunts trick maneuverers and race around tight tracks and against each other. In this unique way the Airboard is the first ever vehicle to deliver the advantages of a hovercraft vehicle without the disadvantages of poor acceleration and handling.


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Color: Black


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Airboard - Black
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