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  Which to choose, REV9-18 RFO or REV9-16 RFO ?

That mainly depends on your system, payload, and application needs. The REV9-18 has a longer 18" chassis, rendering more surface-mount space for payload. It handles steep inclinations and stairs with outstanding traction and accuracy. The REV9-16 has a shorter 16" chassis and higher ground and payload clearance (2-4" depending on orientation) therefore allowing it to operate upside down / down side up (subject to proper payload placement). Both vehicles come with top surface access panels which maybe permanently sealed as an option to allow drive-through submerge under water (Note: External payload also needs customization to allow submergence). REV9 payload may be installed on top or side panels or internally.

Resists momentary shocks, impacts, snow & rain, external voltage spikes, solvents, fire, hazmat, and harsh environments

All REV9 RFO Systems ship with switchable RC / PC controllers. This feature accommodates native system expansion and integration for controlled RC or PC use as well as full autonomous or semi-autonomous waypoint based navigation.

Precision and Speed
REV9 can "turn on a dime" while moving at speeds of few inches per minute or up to 7 miles per hour or customized to reach speeds in excess of 30+ MPH as needed.

Size and Payload Capacity
At only 18" x 12" x 4" (REV9-18) and 16" x 12" x 4" (REV9-16) , REV9 vehicles have been tested with up to 200 Lbs of payload with recommended mobile payload capacity not to exceed 60 Lbs.

Strength & Durability
REV9 unmanned vehicles are built to resist momentary shocks, impacts, snow / rain, external voltage spikes, solvents, fire, hazmat, and harsh environments, with enough traction to momentarily pull a rolling chassis ten times its weight.


Ready To Run with radio and transport case


REV9, the Ultimate Man-Portable Footprint: REV9 is the lightest and most durable, expandable and affordable UGV in its class with the ultimate footprint for man portability and payload-ability. Simply, anything smaller would be too small for reliable professional use and payload integration while anything larger is simply too large and heavy for practical transport or man-portable performance efficiency.

REV9 is modular, customizable from the ground up, and easily expandable. REV9 kits are available in several formats; Almost Ready To Run (ARTR), Ready To Run (RTR) , Ready For Operation with additional options and upgrades. RTR Kits come ready with control radio ideal for simple radio navigation while RFO kits come with more elaborate operation equipment allowing additional capabilities upon arrival. All REV9 vehicles may be fully customized as required.


Features & Specifications:

  • Delivered Ready To Run
• 2.4Ghz Radio System
• System transport case
• Proven and reliable precision platform
• The most durable, expandable, and affordable in its class
• Aerospace grade laser cut & welded aluminum chassis & cover
• 2" Ground clearance allowing:
  50+ Degree grade handling. 4"up / /6" down stair handling
• Man-portable at 52LBS with payload
• 14" Long 3 LBS grab and Lift capacity robot arm
  (Additional lift capacity up to 28Lbs available - sold separately)
• Peak 200LBS of payload (safe mobile range 25-60 LBS)
• 12-48 Volt RC/PC controller (default: RC - 12V )
• High resolution color infrared (day/night150ft) pan & tilt CCD cam
• Four planetary motors
  (quadrature/optical encoder option available - sold separately)
• Four wheel traction and drive system with two idlers
• Aerospace grade uniframe chassis (marine seal optional)
• Easy Access cover. removable in 6 seconds
• eXPANDHUB® drive system with 6 x 4" corrosion-free wheels
• Custom 6-Ply heavy traction treaded tracks
• Water & solvent resistant chassis and drive system
• Speed Range: up to 3MPH (maybe upgraded to 7MPH).
• Chassis dimensions: 18" (Long) x 12" (Wide) x 4" (High)
• Fully expandable and customizable
• Full Warranty Against Defect On Arrival
• World-Class Customer Service and Support
• Made in U.S.A


Suggested applications: Tactical and law enforcement, surveillance and security, search and rescue, geological and structural site study and survey, facility monitoring, hazmat and contaminated surface inspection, government and academic UGV / robotics project developments, and scientific research.

Payload capacity: Tested at Peak 200 LBS. Safe Range: 25-60 LBS.

Durability: Resists momentary shocks, impacts, snow & rain, external voltage spikes, solvents, fire, hazmat, and harsh environments


  • Assembled REV9-18 UGV chassis
• eXPANDHUB adapters/wheels//treaded tracks
• RC/PC motor controller
• Four planetary motors
• Robot arm with gripper
• Pan/tilt  CCD IR camera
• Flash locator (night color)
• Power switch and harness
• 12V sealed battery
   (lithium upgrade available - sold separately)
• USB & Charge ports (cables and charger not included)
• Radio TX/RX installed and pre-programmed
• Pelco system transport case

To complete this kit you will need (sold separately):
• A/V wireless transmitter
• A/V ground station
  (A/V wireless receiver, carry case, LCD)
• USB or any other external cables
• Chargers (sold separately - see REV9 Chargers)

Options (sold separately):

• Groundstation
• Marine seal
• For full customization and options please contact us.


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REV9 Drive Systems

RC Rover® REV9-18
RC Rover® REV9-16
Do It Yourself Kit 1

Do It Yourself Kit 2
Do It Yourself Kit 3

REV9 Tolerance & Accuracy
All CNC aerospace material is machined at 0.0001" tolerance. REV9 chassis is laser cut, pressed, and welded T5 also available in painted or anodized T5 / T6 or Titanium.

Two Step Maintenance:

Step 1: Clean machine after each use. Step 2: Keep batteries charged at all time. That's it. For REV9 systems with marine-sealed chassis, , simply hose down the UGV after each use and wipe dry. Otherwise use a damp towel to clean chassis and payload.

Repair and Replacement:
All REV9 Parts are replaceable. Repairs requiring simple component swap may be performed by operator. Simple tire and track repairs maybe made by a local lawn and garden specialist. Track repair kit is also available for field repairs. All electronics and drive system components must be repaired or replaced by an authorized RC Rover® technician.

Security and surveillance
Tactical / law enforcement
Search & rescue
Site survey
Facility parcel delivery vehicle
Hazmat mobile scout
Plant automation vehicle
Government and Educational research, development, and deployment platform
And much more.

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