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Heavy Weight Competition Kit


Three sizes to choose from, these Competition Robot Platforms offer an ideal lineup of light weight to heavy weight machined chassis and hi-performance components - an ideal starting point for educational robotic, sports, and competitions. Design elements consist of key features from proven platforms. The platforms are low-profile high-performance mobile platforms suitable for building sport bots. All kits are shipped fully assembled and tested, (except for electrical connections).

Base Kits include complete rolling chassis. Upgrade Kits includes complete rolling chassis plus hi-performance motors/drive units, controller(s), and battery(ies). Available in three sizes to choose from including: 1) Light Weight, 2) Medium Weight and 3) Heavy Weight. Full customization also available - contact us.

The square footprint works well for a many types of robotics projects. Note that four motors are not required in any of our kits in order to achieve four-wheel drive. All wheels will be driven even if only two motors are installed in the kits. But if you decide to go with the E150 economy motors, we suggest you use four of them in the middle weight. A total of ten chains are used for power transmission and speed reduction. The ten chains have no connecting links, and they are all exactly the same length. In fact, every chain in all of our kits is the same length, (except two chains in the heavy weight). The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes required to mount the speed controller, three sizes of batteries, and other components - a total of 84 holes.

The Middle and Heavy weight kits can be configured with two or four motors. Ether configuration will provide four-wheel drive. Robots with just two motors employ a "jack shaft" in place of the second set of motors. The jack shaft is simply a shaft with two sprockets that runs in two ball bearings mounted in the aluminum drive module.

Four motors are required in the heavy weight kit if you choose to use the E-150 economy motors. With The base plate is drilled and countersunk with all the holes required to mount one or two speed controllers, three sizes of batteries, and other components - a total of 92 holes.


Features & Specifications:
  • Ships fully assembled (except for electrical connections)
• Length: 22.4" Width: 21.3"
• Base Kit weight:: 30 Lbs.
• Upgrade kit weight: 72 Lbs


Heavy Weight Competition Kit Includes:
• One heavy weight complete chassis with four rubber wheels, your choice of four E150 or four F30150 motors, two 160amp controller, four 12V SLA batteries, standard speed ratio.

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Delivery Schedule: 5-15 days

Heavy Base Kit (rolling chassis)

Price: $1036.00

Heavy Upgrade Kit w/ E150 Motors

Price: $2959.00

Heavy Upgrade Kit w/ F30150 Motors

Price: $3463.00

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