BMP Scout RC Paramotor 

BMP Scout RC Paramotor supports multiple wireless lenses and payload, the BMP Scout RC Paramotor is a small unmanned aircraft designed for delivering extended flight for live scouting, surveillance, and mapping of large areas. BMP Scout may be combined with RC wing sizes, 2-3 meter wide such as the BMP 2.5 Sport Wing

BMP Scout is modular, made of a biodegradable/earth-friendly material, designed specifically to allow for slow stabilized flight. The fuselage space houses receiver, ESC, flight battery, and compact OSD. The fuselage is accessible for quick and easy exchange of batteries and components. The Scout is a modular aircraft each part may be replaced individually. When necessary, additional and back up batteries are mounted externally. All kits require assembly. Assembly service is offered separately including shipping charges required for shipping assembled kits. 

BMP-SCOUT DIY Kit includes:

1 x BMP Scout fuselage
1 x Front mount 
1 x Rear mount 
1 x Nose cone 
1 x Prop guard set (propeller not included)
3 x Prop guard arm
1 x Ring attachment
4 x Landing gear
1 x Hardware (buckles and body bolts)

Does not include: Radio, electronics, wing, wheels, skids, additional mounts, battery, or charger.

BMP Scout / Mini User Guide (PDF)

BMP Scout / Mini Assembly Guide  (Youtube)

Suggested Wing: BMP 2.5/2.8 Sport 

General Length: Nose to outer-end of prop guard: 315mm (12.4") Width: Prop ring diameter: 223mm (8.78") Width: Landing gear to landing gear: 183mm (7.2") Width: Fuselage: 60mm (2.36") Height: from ground to top of fuselage: 170mm (6.7") Height: from ground to top of prop guard: 228 (8.97") Weight with battery (3S 2200Mah ), receiver, servos, & ESC: 850g Weight with receiver & ESC: 660g Color: Mix of Orange, Gray, and Black 3D Printed rigid and soft PLA: PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch.PLA printed finishing shows inherent surface imperfections not affecting performance.

BMP Scout RC Paramotor

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