BMP Micro RC Paraglider Pilot (MRCP) and RC Paramotor  

BMP Micro RC Paraglider Pilot is a 1:8/1:9 scale pilot designed to fly thermals, soar in mild ridge updrafts, or fly fully motorized indoors or outdoors. The pilots arms move up and down to control riser and break lines of the paraglider wing (sold separately), allowing it to maneuver with great precision in calm conditions.

Compatible with a wide range of small RC paraglider wings ranging from 0.4 sqm wing area (1250 mm length) to 0.6 sqm (1450mm) wings, including the BMP 1.4m Sport Wing (single-surface paraglider wing) offered separately, tailorred specifically for BMP Micro Paramotor RC flight. 

The BMP Micro RC Paraglider is easy to fly, specially when motorized using BMP Micro RC Paramotor Frame. BMP Micro Pilot maybe customized by selecting each component separately as needed, or as complete pre-assembled pilot kits.

BMP Micro Pilot is offered in Sport or Racing outfit. The battery backpack is an optional item offered to enhance scale realism, it is not required. A 2s Lipo battery (flight pack) maybe strapped to pilot torso using Velcro. For larger scale RC pilots see BMP Pilot or BMP Pilot Torso.

BMP Micro RC Pilot Set up Information (PDF)

General Pilot dimension from head to toe: about 220mm fingers of raised arm to toe: about 240mm. Select "BMP Micro RC Pilot Set up Information (PDF)" file for setup information.

BMP Micro RC Paraglider Pilot

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