BMP RC Pilot Torso

BMP Pilot is an articulated 1:4 to 1:5 scale RC Hang Glider/RC Paraglider pilot. It is also fully or partially integrated into scale RC Planes, Cars/Trucks, and Boats. BMP Pilot is compatible with a variety of 1/4 and 1/5 scale Hang Glider wings or 2 to 3 meter wings including BMP 2.5 Sport Paraglider wingBMP Pilot components may be purchased individually or as complete kits including Torso, Head, Helmet, Goggles, Arms, Legs, footwear. Pilot Jumpsuit and Harness are offered separately. BMP Torso is designed to house four standard servos, one mini, one receiver, one 20-30Ah Speed Control (ESC), and one 2S-3S 1300-2200mAh Lipo battery. 

The two standard size servos (sold separately) installed in the upper portion of the Torso help BMP Pilot’s articulated arms shift the pilot’s weight when controlling an RC Hang Glider, or control riser/break lines when controlling an RC Paraglider/Paramotor. Two additional servos may be used to control the pilot’s leg yaw for enhanced weight-shift control. Standard size plastic or metal-geared Futaba servos may be used depending on set up, i.e., overall weight, size of wing/airfoil, motor size, etc.). A 9G micro servo and ball link maybe added to control head/neck movement. 

BMP pilot’s arm is offered in two configurations, 1) Two Piece Hang Glider Arm (HG/default), 2) One Piece Paraglider Arm. The HG arm is made of two sections, upper and lower, intended for controlling the attitude and angle of the pilot’s body when attached to an RC Hang Glider control bar. The optional one piece arm allows control of Paraglider airfoil break lines. Both Hang Glider and Paraglider pilot arms are designed to directly mount onto standard Futaba servo or servo horns may be screwed into each arm to mount onto Futaba or other brands of servos. Pilot’s legs and feet are generally omitted when installing pilot into RC plane cockpit, cars, trucks, and boats. 

Create your pilot by adding individual components or purchase prebundled kits, clothing and harness not included. BMP Pilot's body components are made of biodegradable hard or soft plastic material, designed for optimum performance, durability, and value. Inherent esthetic imperfections associated with printed PLA parts maybe improved and refinished as desired. BMP Pilot's Jumpsuit and Pilot Harness are sold separately, offered subject to availability. The BMP pilot may be used with 2S-3S 1300-2200mAh Lipo battery and compact 2.4Ghz receiver. 

General Scale: 4-5 / 4.5 Length 15.5” 394mm Width 5” 127mm Height 2.6” 67mm

BMP RC Hang Glider Paraglider Pilot Torso

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