BMP JUMBO RC Hang Glider Pilot and Harness

The BMP JUMBO Pilot is a servo-actuated 1:4 Scale RC Hang Glider Pilot, scaled to fit the Static Harness. It is designed to allow weight-shift control of the RCT SlipStream-9 Scale Hang Glider Wing, also suitable for a variety of other 1:4 scale RC model projects

Pilot arms are made of two sections each, upper and lower, operated by a standard size servo (sold separately). The flexible lower arm provides impact resistance during flight and landing. Hard plastic arms are also available upon request. The two-section arms working together, deliver scale-realistic upper/lower arm movement and full range of motion.

To assure successful RC flight/soaring, it is critical to properly set the pilot's hang distance from the wing's hang point in order to assure proper CB/CG, and to make sure servo/arm movements are not restricted. The HG pilot's hands attach to the RCT SlipStream-9 control bar using velcro or zip ties. Optional pilot hard hand slides on to the tube and is locked into position with lock washers, one for each hand.

Ballast or heavier/longer 3S-6S Lipo flight pack may be used to adjust CB/CG as needed, and to soften/decrease or tighten/increase control response. Pilot legs, sold separately, are available for RC HG/PG use. 

Standard/metal-geared Futaba servos may be used depending on set up, flight weight, model/size of wing, flight configuration (i.e., hand launch, dolly/winch launch, powered/trike launch, or FPL). A micro servo and ball link maybe added to control head/neck movement. Each arm is mounted onto standard servo, using the servo horn provided by the manufacturer, screwed/fixed onto the arm, centered at the arm hole. 

BMP JUMBO RC Pilot's body is made of biodegradable hard and soft plastic material, designed for optimum performance, durability, and value. Printed surfaces may be painted or finished as desire 

BMP JUMBO RC Hang Glider Pilot Kit includes:

    Pilot Torso


    Helmet with Liner

    Helmet Goggles

    Two (two piece) Arms

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Pilot Torso/Harness/Backboard Assembly Guide (PDF)

BMP JUMBO RC Hang Glider Pilot 1:4 Scale

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