ReallyCoolToys XTC/SlipStream Hang Glider Scale (1:3/1:4/1:5) Model Wings are inspired by their full-scale counterpartsWing patterns are laser cut for maximum accuracy, fabricated by hand with outstanding attention to details and fit. Each SlipStream Scale Model Hang Glider is made-to-order from our catalog or customized as needed. Production time varies between 3-8 weeks depending on model, size, customization, and schedule load. For pilot options see: BMP JUMBO RC Hang Glider Pilot (1:4 Scale), BMP RC Pilot (1:5 Scale), and RCT SlipStream Static Hang Glider Pilot (1:5 Scale). 

RCT XTC/SlipStream Model Hang Glider Wings from our RCT XTC/SlipStream Catalog (PDF) are offered in three variations:

SlipStream-16 1:3 Scale (16sqft)

SlipStream-9 1:4 Scale (9sqft)

SlipStream-6 1:5 Scale (6sqf)

See RCT XTC/SlipStream Assembly Guide (PDF)

A color chart is provided to allow further customizition of wing color/color pattern. Additional customization is offered if needed.


Optionally, a static pilot with harness is offered in matching scale and color, subject to availability.

The BMP Articulated Pilot, enables RC demonstration of weight shift-control for flight school/training. It additionally allows RC hand launch and RC towing from dolly. 

RCT model hang glider wings are commonly used for:

Static Display

Static display in museums, corporate lobbies/exhibits/events, flight schools, hobby shops, garages, etc. 

RC Conversion

RC conversion allowing RC hand launch, and powered flight (gas operated trike, 1993), as well as winched/towed dolly launch (since 2002). Note: RC conversion is recommended for experienced RC builders only, requires additional modification, fabrication, parts, weight-shift flight knowledge, and pilot experience.

Each RCT SlipStream wing (Shown aboove: RTC SlipStream-16) is uniquely built, true to scale, with quality of materials and workmanship second to none. 


XTC/SlipStream-9 (1:4 Scale) Assembly Video - 1:4 Scale

XTC/SlipStream-16 (1:3 Scale) Assembly Guide Video

Note: Discount applies for quantity (2 or more) and bundle (i.e., Wing and Pilot) purchases, please Contact us for pricing and availability.

Also see:     BMP RC Pilot (1:5 Scale)

                    BMP RC Pilot Torso (1:5 Scale)

                    RCT SlipStream Static Hang Glider Pilot (1:4 Scale) 

                    BMP JUMBO RC Hang Glider Pilot (1:4 Scale)

RCT SlipStream Scale Model Hang Glider

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